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Marketing on the Internet

Search engines are often the first place potential customers visit to begin their research and represents the greatest source of Internet traffic. Search engine optimization (SEO) attempts to improve a web sites rankings for relevant keywords in search results by improving a web site's structure, content, and relevant backlink count.

As the SEO game evolved so has search engine marketing (SEM). Leading search engines Google and Yahoo have developed "Pay Per Click" advertising programs. Potential customers type in keywords at the search engine and advertisements are displayed that match those keywords.

SEM is most important for businesses that sell goods and services online or use their websites to generate sales leads. Other goals for SEM includes building a brand, enhancing reputation with investors, generating media coverage, and driving traffic to physical business locations.

Based on the products & services you wish to promote and the geographical areas you wish to target, Vizpro can select the best SEM methods for you. Vizpro is also able to place ads on thousands of other sites across the Internet and can limit the display of those ads to only those geographic areas you want to target with your advertising. These ads are integrated directly into the content of those sites and can either be text-based or graphical in nature.

Internet Marketing Using Blogs, White Papers, Newsletters, and Email Campaigns

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