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Search Engine Optimzation Services
Optimizing Websites for Natural Results

The first step to effective website search engine optimization (SEO) is thorough keyword research. Vizpro works with each client to identify the words and phrases commonly used to find information similar to what will be posted on their site. By using these keywords and phrases to craft specific page content, we build your site for the best possible natural search results. All industry optimization standards are incorporated in the code.

Where natural and sponsored search results appear on Google.
Natural Search Results
Sponsored Search Results

The second step to SEO is having inbound links (or backlinks) from sites with relevant content. Links are the primary ingredient to a strong search engine presence – the more quality links your site receives the higher your site will be ranked. Vizpro can help set up a solid and effective inbound link campaign by identifying industry related directories and sites that offer reciprocal linking.

Reaching Your Markets

Does your business have a global reach? Are customer’s location and time zones irrelevant? Vizpro can optimize your site for the best possible natural search results on the major search engines so that anyone anywhere can find your site.

Regional optimization also leads to qualified customers. When you’re searching on the Internet, it is important to be as specific as possible. That is why people looking for products or services in their neighborhoods add regional terms to their searches. Recognizing this trend, most search engines now provide "Local Results" on searches for product and services.

Need more than natural results, take a look at our Search Engine Marketing services.

Here are just a few of the major search engines and directories.
For more information about search engines and search engine submission please take a look at Search Engine Watch.

Search Engines and Directories

Search Engines and Directories both allow you to run searches for web sites, but the results will likely be different due to the method they use to build their database of web sites.

Search Engines

Search engines use computer programs called Robots to automatically go from page to page through the web, reading content, and adding it to their databases. To speed up the process of getting your site indexed, they usually have a way for you to submit your site for indexing. You usually only have to tell a Search Engine the URL (address) of your site and it takes care of the rest.


Directories are run by humans who review web sites and categorize them within their directories. This leads to a more abridged set of sites which can good or bad depending on what you're searching for.

Yahoo and DMOZ are the two biggest directories on the web, but other important directories include local directories for your state, town, chamber of commerce, etc. Due to the human editing of directories, there is usually a charge for submitting your website for review. Yahoo charges $299/year to be in their directory but DMOZ is currently free.

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