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Creative, Professional, Affordable Web Site Design and Development

Vizpro delivers professionally designed and written marketing websites for clients throughout Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. We combine tasteful design with keyword-rich content in easy-to-use sites that perform well in the major search engines. Our pricing is affordable; our turnaround time is fast. When you are looking for a web team dedicated to applying the principles of usability in design and search optimization in content, Contact us.

Build Your Site Around Your Brand

Marketing on the Internet begins with the basics: branding. Your name, company logo, and corporate identity represent a significant investment. Vizpro helps you capitalize on this investment by incorporating your branding (keywords included) into the design of your website.

We recognize that a client’s brand represents a promise. That is why we take extra time at the beginning of each web-building project to identify the qualities that the brand reflects to customers, markets, and even employees. To learn more about our design philosophy, please contact us.

Keep People Coming Back

Internet buying decisions are rarely made on the first visit. So it’s important that your site encourages return visits. And that means making it visually appealing and easy to use. What are the design barriers to the all-important return visits? Here are the top ten.

Visitors are less likely to return to your site if they find:

  • Pop-up ads
  • Software installation required to view the site
  • Dead links
  • Registration (logon) is required
  • Slow-loading pages
  • Out-of-date content
  • Confusing navigation
  • No contact information available (web form only)
  • Inability to use a browser’s “back” button.

Vizpro designs for a good first impression and for repeat visitors. To learn how we weave marketing, design, and usability together on each project, please contact us.

(These Top Ten Internet Pet Peeves were identified by the Hostway Internet Pet Peeve Survey in June 2005.)

Usability In Web Development

Good traffic signs epitomize usability. Average drivers know exactly what to do the first time they encounter the sign; they can perform the required task quickly; and, it is easy to remember what to do when the sign is encountered again.

The same principles apply to website usability. Users should be able to accomplish basic tasks the very first time they visit a site. Required tasks should be easy to master. And, if the site is visited infrequently, it should be simple to remember what to do when the visitor does come back.

Add two more elements essential to website usability:

  • When a site visitor makes a mistake, it is easy to recover.
  • The site’s design creates a pleasant experience that encourages repeat visits.

Applying these usability principles in the practice of website design requires attention to detail and testing.

It’s All About Customer Satisfaction

Usability is ultimately about customer – visitor -- satisfaction. Visitors to your site should have a pleasant, rewarding experience when they land on your page. They should find what they want, buy it, -- or contact you -- quickly and easily.

To find out more about how Vizpro incorporates the principles of web usability in every project, please contact us.

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